Fancy jumping these? Take a look at the 2019 Burghley cross-country course

  • The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials cross-country course looks set to be a true challenge for this year’s competitors.

    The CCI5*-L course features 27 fences over four miles through the iconic Lincolnshire parkland, designed by Captain Mark Phillips and built by Philip Herbert and his team.

    Take a look at what horses and riders will tackle on cross-country day (Saturday, 7 September)

    Fence 1: Lambert’s Sofa

    Fence 2: Flower Bed

    Fence 3: Pol Roger Table

    Fence 4a, b, c: Land Rover Fountain

    Fence 5a and b: Discovery Valley — over the hanging log then five strides to the double brush on the mound

    Fence 6a and b: Rolex Grand Slam Triple Brush — direct route one jumping effort at the arrowhead brush over the ditch; longer option two narrow brushes with a ditch between them

    Fence 7a, b, c and d: Holland Cooper Leaf Pit — various options here; riders can avoid going down the enormous drop

    Direct route is straight off the drop followed by a brush and an arrowhead

    Fence 8a, b, c and d: Discovery Valley

    Direct route is over this huge log spread, then a curving four strides to a corner

    Fence 8a alternative — riders then double-back on themselves…

    … to another big log, followed by a ditch and another log

    Fence 9a and b: Flight Hangar — option of a rolltop with a drop on landing or a rolltop on flatter ground followed by a hedge

    Fence 10a, b, c and 11a and b: Land Rover Trout Hatchery

    Fence 12: Captain’s Log:

    Fence 13a, b, c and d: Joules at the Maltings

    Fence 14a, b, c and d: Rolex Combination

    Fence 15: Horse Sport Ireland Flyover

    Fence 16a, b: Land Rover at the Lake

    Fence 17: Winners’ Avenue

    Fence 18: Cottesmore Leap

    Fence 19a, b and c: Keeper’s Brushes

    Fence 20a, b, c, d and e: Clarence Court

    Fence 21: Pardubice

    Fence 22: Collyweston Slate Mine

    Fences 23a and b: Anniversary Splash

    Fence 24 and 25: Lion Bridge

    Fence 26: Parasols

    Fence 27: Land Rover Finale

    Don’t miss H&H’s Burghley preview, including a course walk with five-time winner Mark Todd, plus a full form guide and a scorecard to fill in for every rider, on sale now (issue dated Thursday 5 September). Read the full report in next week’s magazine (Thursday, 12 September).

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