Walk the 2019 Badminton showjumping course

  • Fifty-six horses come forward to the final showjumping phase of the 2019 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. Three horses were withdrawn after the cross-country and one was accepted when represented after being held at the final horse inspection this morning.

    The showjumping course at a maximum height of 1.30m consists of 13 fences and 16 jumping efforts over a length of 505m. The time to beat is 81 seconds and riders need to keep up a pace of 375m per minute. For each second over the time allowed, combinations will be penalised .4 of a penalty, a new rule this year after it was reduced from one penalty per second commenced over the time allowed.

    The morning session of jumping starts at 11am, with the final top 20 combinations jumping this afternoon, starting at 2pm.

    Let’s take a walk around the course horses and riders face…

    Fence one

    A blue, slightly ascending oxer next to the members’ area.

    Fence two

    This dark green fence, which horses sometimes don’t read very well, is approached on a right-handed roll back

    Fence three

    The oxer is approached on a four-stride related distance from fence three.

    Fence four

    This is a light and airy upright

    Fence five

    This oxer is approached slightly uphill on a short, related six strides from fence four.

    Fence six

    Fence seven

    This upright with a water tray underneath is approached on a six or seven stride related distance from fence six.

    Fence eight

    This set of planks is approached on a right-handed roll back turn from fence seven and away from the collecting ring.

    Fence nine AB

    This one stride double combination is on a six stride related distance from fence eight

    Fence 10

    Fence 11

    This water tray oxer is approached on a left-handed roll back turn from fence 10

    Fence 12ABC

    This treble combination is built on one stride from a to b and then two strides from b to c.

    Fence 13

    This final oxer is approached on a right-handed turn and is slightly downhill towards the collecting ring

    Pick up this week’s magazine (dated 2 May) for the full H&H Badminton form guide, pick up next week’s issue (dated 9 May) for the full report and check back to the H&H website for more news from the final day of competition.

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