Training eventing’s future stars

  • Britain’s top young event riders are awaiting selection for the British Equestrian Federation’s World Class Start and Potential programme which has been devised to support and nurture outstanding riding talent.

    The selection trial will take place on 29-30 January at Addington EC and the following riders have been short-listed:

    • Faith Cook
    • Harriet Smith
    • Harriet Eaton
    • Ibby Macpherson
    • Harry Meade
    • Angus Smales
    • Charlotte Slater
    • Tamsyn Hutchins
    • Abi Walters
    • Oliver Signy
    • Alice Dunsdon
    • Nicola Wilson
    • Francesca Ludlum
    • Gemma Tattersall
    • Kitty Boggis
    • Georgina Davies
    • Emily Mackensie
    • Tom Robinson
    • Terry Boon
    • Emily Chandler
    • Sarah Cutteridge
    • Oliver Townend
    • Helen West
    • Lucy Wiegersma
    • Ruth Friend
    • Piggy French
    • Chris King
    • Michael Owen
    • Sian Wynne-Morris
    • Francis Whittington

    Click here to read more about the BEF’s World Class Start and Potential programme

    For more information about the scheme contact Kathryn Payne at the BEF (tel:02476 698877) or email: kathryn.payne@bef.co.uk

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