Top riders pose naked for Claire Lomas fund-raising calendar

  • Mary King, Blyth Tait and Mark Todd are just a few of the famous faces posing near-naked in a “riders revealed” 2012 calendar to raise money for injured eventer Claire Lomas.

    The calendar will be launched at Burghley Horse Trials’ Celebrity Talk Area on 1 September. There will also be opportunities for you to have the calendar signed.

    Claire, who was paralysed in a cross-country accident in 2007, is hoping to raise £35,000. It will go towards a new robotic suit, which she will wear to walk the London Marathon. Any other profits will go to spinal research.

    “The suit will be the first in the UK — it’s really exciting to able to do the marathon and be able to stand at normal height again,” said Claire.

    Others featured in the calendar include Francis Whittington, Geoff Billington, Piggy French, Lauren Shannon and jockeys Andrew Thornton and Jimmy McCarthy.

    “It is brilliant — the riders were all so brave,” said Claire. “Some were really keen to take part and others pretended they hadn’t received my email. And we have such a range — old, young, short, tall, gay, straight, thin, not so thin…”

    The process started in April and riders have been photographed across the country. Blyth Tait is photographed on a course-walk, while Lauren Shannon is lungeing her horse.

    Photographer Nico Morgan said: “What can I say? It was a tough job!”

    The calendars cost £10. For more information visit www.riders revealed.co.uk or follow Burghley Horse Trials Celebrity Talk Area on facebook.

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (18 August, 2011)

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