Meet Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championship contender Jade Payne

  • We continue to get to know this year's H&H Championship contenders and hear their stories so far

    Would you love the chance to compete in an unaffiliated three-day event with your horse? Now you can at the inaugural Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championships, which are being held at Keysoe on 27-29 May.

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    With unaffiliated classes from 70cm – 100cm there really is nothing to stop you and your horse living your dreams and completing a three-day event with a true championship feel.

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    Entries are already over a third full for all classes at the inaugural Horse & Hound Championships, so if you want to experience everything this event has to offer, hurry and make your entry before classes are full.

    Each week in the run up to the competition we meet one of the entrants who can’t wait for the event in our new ‘championship contenders’ series.

    Meet Jade Payne and Baz

    Name: Jade Payne
    Horse: Baz
    Class Entered: Class 3 – 90cm

    Why you have decided to enter the Championships?

    The second I saw the Horse & Hound Grassroots Eventing Championships I knew it was something I had to do! A three-day sleepover with my horse and incredible prizes, what’s not to like? Eventing has always been a dream of mine, and there’s something about a three-day that makes it all the more special and exciting. Having the opportunity to compete in a three-day at grassroots level is not an opportunity that comes around often, and with a super cob like Baz it was something I really wanted to experience. Baz is a proper cross-country horse and I often find at one-day events he is still raring to go after the final fence! So, being able to ride a course of increased distance will be amazing and he will love every minute of it.

    I think if I were to list what I’m most looking forward to, I could write an entire 2,000 word essay! The prospect of a stay-away show and three days of doing what I love best with my best friend is what I’m most looking forward to. Oh, and of course the hope of winning some of the amazing prizes. I love competing Baz and I love eventing, so being able to pretend we are FEI professionals for three days is far too exciting… if only we were able to wear a tail coat for the dressage then it would really be a dream come true!

    What is your must-have stay away show item?

    Lots and lots of layers. I only have a 3.5 tonne box with day living so often end up sleeping in a tent. Layers are definitely required when it comes to night time and getting a good night’s sleep is essential.

    Do you have a secret weapon?

    Of course! Owning a horse with four white legs and a tail, my secret weapon would be Carr Day & Martin stain remover and baby powder. I didn’t win best turned out for the 2016/17 hunt season for nothing.

    Tell us a fun fact about your horse

    When I first took Baz eventing as a four-year-old in the BE80(T) class he decided the jumps were far too small so jumped the 1.20m arena fence into the crowd of spectators. Luckily no-one was hurt and we jump in a much strong bit now. For months I had people asking me how much I wanted for him!

    Have you entered the H&H Championships and would like to feature as a Championship Contender? If so please email h&hmarketing@timeinc.com

    Entries for this fantastic event are filling up fast, so ensure that you don’t miss out by entering today.

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