Lucinda’s guide to safer cross-country

  • Follow Lucinda Green’s top 10 tips for safe cross-country riding, in association with Eventing magazine

    Engine, line and balance plus the constant “channel” which comes from the rider keeping their leg on and riding forward into the hand, are vital for successful cross-country riding according to top event trainer Lucinda Green.

    Lucinda’s top tips

  • Set outin a positive rhythm, changing gears within that rhythm.
  • Establish throughout: engine, line, balance.
  • Channel your horse on his line, putting him in a “tube” of your legs and hands.
  • Allow the horse plenty of time to focus on the fence and ensure he is focusing.
  • Train your horse to think for himself while listening to you.
  • Keep your horse in front of your leg at all times.
  • Have a secure lower leg with your weight in both stirrups.
  • Fundamentally, keep hold of the steering wheel, but be prepared to slip the reins when necessary, either on approach, landing or over the fence. Your horse’s head and neck are his fifth leg.
  • Never be in front of the movement. It is infinitely less dangerous to be behind than it is to be in front of your horse’s balance.
  • React; think positive; enjoy. Thank your horse (and the organisers and everyone that works their butts off for us to enjoy ourselves).

    Eventing workshops

    Workshops for two, three and four-star event riders, will be held at:

      Stourport with Ginny Elliot (21 March)
      Milton Keynes with Lucinda (21 March)
      Burnham Market with Anne-Marie and Nigel Taylor (26 March);
      Newton, Notts with Ginny Elliot (28 March)
      Aston-le-Walls with Anne-Marie and Nigel Taylor (4 April)
      Stockland Lovell with Mary King (18 April)
      Aston-le-Walls with Anne-Marie Taylor (18 April)

    Cost is £100 per horse/rider combination. Details from: Gig Lees, Cross-country workshops, Yew Tree Cottage, Upton, Andover, Hants SP11 0JW.

    The day takes the form of cross-country techniques using show jumps, followed by a video/discussion session and then cross-country. Participants need to bring their own lunch. Lucinda’s courses are supported by Petplan.

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