Lucinda spends birthday in hospital after horse treads on foot

  • Lucinda Green is out of action for a couple of weeks after being injured by a horse.

    She told H&H: “I’m fine, I just got trodden on and have a hole in my foot.

    “It was a complete freak accident, I was trotting up a horse and she spooked and trod on my boot, I then fell over and the boot fell off.

    “The poor little horse did her best to try and ‘dance’ over me but somehow managed to catch the underside of my bootless foot and ripped the skin about 8cm along and about 2cm deep.

    “I had to have surgery and have got to spend a couple of weeks with it in the air but they let me out of hospital once I could master the crutches.”

    One of her visitors in the hospital was fellow eventer Mark Todd (pictured) who brought her a bottle of champagne as she had to spend her birthday (7 November) in bed.

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