Lauren Shannon’s blog: riding in a cast and an accident with a car

  • Remarkably, I have actually sat on a horse since I last wrote on here! My wrist seems to be healing well after the fracture two weeks ago, and I have managed to ride my Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials ride “Louie” (Zero Flight) a few times on the flat (surprisingly, he is the quietest on the yard at home) — obviously no serious schooling though!

    Louie is going to have a trip to my dressage trainer Judy Bradwell’s yard later this week to be schooled a bit by her, as I have had another X-ray on my arm, and the doctor is pleased enough with my progress that with a little bit of pleading on my part I have been told my cast can come off next Thursday.

    Therefore, the Kyles have taken Gentel Lux (pictured with Lauren earlier this year) up with them to Blair Castle for her first CCI**. It is horrible to not be riding her myself, but I know she is in good hands, and hopefully I can squeeze another one in before the end of the season.

    The other horses are being ridden and showjumped locally by Jenny, my working student and another young student, Alex. As Burghley is coming up soon the other eventers will have a few quiet weeks and pick up again in September. It’s all becoming a bit boring waiting to get better again, although I am managing to fill the time with lots of teaching.

    The only other drama we’ve had is that my dog Baxter decided to play with a car yesterday, and has come off a little bit worse than the 4×4. He is luckily fine, but managed to dislocate his hip and cut up his back legs quite badly. A quick trip to the vets and now lots of TLC will put him right. I’m sure he was just getting jealous of all the attention and sympathy I was getting.

    So hopefully we can avoid any more serious injuries before next week’s blog, and by then I should be back to riding properly again.


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