Lauren Shannon’s blog: broken bones result in a hospital trip

  • Well, last week it was wishful thinking, and this week it’s been bad luck!

    We had been home from Hopetoun for a couple days and my groom Jenny was having a well-deserved day off on Wednesday. I had mucked out in the morning and decided to get on my first horse of the day.

    I rode down to the school and hopped off to set up some raised cavaletti poles as I was the first person out that morning. We have a mounting block in the corner of our school, and I stood the horse between it and the outside fence. Just as I swung my leg over, the mare saw something behind her and whipped round, hitting her hind end on the fence! Well, off we went bucking and I only had the one stirrup. I did a beautiful dismount, if I may say so myself, and ended up fracturing a couple bones in my wrist.

    After a trip to the hospital and having my wrist re-set (I believe I swore throughout that), I was sent home to rest. I immediately consulted every doctor, surgeon, homeopath and physio I know and it was quickly established that the breaks are minor enough that if I give them a couple weeks to settle I can still be on track for Burghley Horse Trials.

    Unfortunately that means that I am going to have to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground for a while and had to withdraw Louie from one of my favourite events, the British open at Gatcombe.

    As I have been getting so much attention this week, it was definitely time for the horses to see their physio too. Annie Wright has been my physio for a couple years now and I credit her with the fact my horses stay in such good shape. She did all my eventers and no one was stiff or shaken from our lorry journey last week, so at least we only need to get the jockey sorted.

    Mark and Tanya Kyle, who I rent a yard from, are going to ride the horses for me at Aston-le-Walls this week, which means they won’t miss any runs. They may also possibly take Gentel Lux to Blair for the CCI** for me as it seems a waste not to take her. I am gutted as I feel she could really do well there and I’d have loved to ride her.

    However, as far as bad luck goes, it could have been a lot worse, or a lot closer to Burghley, so I think I have to count my blessings.


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