Event rider Polly Stockton expecting a baby in July

  • Event rider Polly Stockton (pictured) is expecting her first child at the end of July.

    Polly and her husband Chris do not yet know if the child will be a boy or a girl, but Polly said: “Reality hits when you can’t fit into your summer clothes.”

    Polly’s 2009 Burghley runner-up, Arthur Comyn’s Westwood Poser, will stay at home and do some showjumping and dressage, but her other two top horses will be competed by other riders.

    Arthur Comyn’s Westwood Mariner, 13th at Blenheim last year, will be ridden by Ruth Edge, who is entered for the open intermediate at Belton with him.

    Anne Henson’s four-star campaigner Regulus is expected to have his first run with Jeanette Brakewell in the open intermediate at Witton this weekend.

    Polly’s working pupil Abigail Stock will compete her young horses and the Cheshire-based rider hopes to be back in the starting box again by the end of the season.

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