Euro YR blog: All change for young rider team at Blair

  • Uncountable months of heightened preparation later, all 12 of us have finally acquired our young rider GB flags. YES!

    Having arrived at Blair on Monday, we enjoyed a very chilled out day on Tuesday, with a surprise trip to Perth races in the evening, which went down a storm.

    Aside from getting involved in a lot of essential “team bonding”, the Scottish trio on the squad (Nicola Malcolm, Emily Galbraith and myself) were allowed the extra privilege of presenting the best turned out prize — centre stage in the paddock — and also the trophy to the winning owner after the race. We were snapped ferociously by the paparazzi and generally made to feel very special, which I must admit to thoroughly enjoying!

    On Wednesday the much anticipated competition got underway and it was no surprise that all 12 of Team GB floated through the trot up with ease. It was with great concern therefore, that David Merit [chairman of selectors] requested our urgent return to camp for us to discover a stony-faced Alex Colquhoun [another of the selectors].

    I was pretty shocked when he told me I would be replacing one of the two team members, who were being substituted at this late stage. Even though I had been disappointed not to have made the team initially, I couldn’t bring myself to be excited. Not only had I psyched myself up to bring back an individual medal, but I felt so gutted for Lauren [Shannon] and Ben [Hobday], who had been so excited to make the team. I can’t even begin to imagine how disappointed they must be.

    I just hope that we manage to go one better than the juniors and bring back team gold, as well as all three individual medals.


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