Emily Parker’s Burghley blog: course-walking and radio interviews

  • Hi everyone,

    I haven’t quite lived up to expectations again I’m afraid… sunshine is to blame for making me late this time… excuses are getting silly now!

    I was feeling just a tad hungover and still eating my breakfast as groom Lynny legged me on to Trev (Treefers). Willa Newton and I set off hacking, very smug that we didn’t have to think about circles! I only span round once and didn’t even feel the need to hold the neck strap – a very tame hack.

    Ian the dog, Livvy (Olivia Wilmot) and I had walked the course twice yesterday – so we set off on trip three this morning… it is perhaps getting marginally better every time I go, although I’d have to walk it a thousand times before I was saying it looks a piece of cake!

    Minute markers were sussed out, direct routes planned, what to do if it went tits up anywhere sorted and I was still struggling to believe I’m actually jumping round it tomorrow! I’ve tried never to be a superstitious person, however, I have been dragged into one stupid ritual by my Scottish friend… we must walk through the start and finish every time we walk the course – sounds easy, but not when these are located in Ring 2, holding the Pony Club showjumping yesterday and young event horse classes today! This didn’t stop us strolling in the arena and running round the flags – I hope it is worth it.

    Next up was an interview with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, I was kindly chauffeur driven through the main tradestand area to the press tent (I could get used to that). Luckily it wasn’t live as I did struggle with a bit of sandwich stuck in my throat – but other than that I don’t think I embarrassed myself or anyone else too much.

    I had the quickest browse through the shops and only bought a JCB digger and haulage truck – don’t ask – then headed back to meet Caroline Moore who had just arrived, to go on yet another course walk. We took it leisurely, but eventually made our way round without Caroline getting too excited about being here.

    The Scottish party appeared with enough alcohol to last a week, I’m not sure if that’s to drown my sorrows or celebrate – fingers crossed for the latter please everyone!

    Lynny Babes has been amazing grazing the wee man all day and having him ready to go down a catwalk even when I go out hacking – however I also have to mention Mother Malcom whom I have borrowed the Babes from, plus whose hospitality is far superior to a five-star hotel and who has a laugh I can rely on to calm me down when I start thinking too much about the cross-country! Grandpa and brother Ben have also arrived tonight so I nearly have enough people for each fence on the course, nice.

    I’m very late (as always) for supper chez Malcom so I had better stop waffling and get over there. Jump high and go fast vibes from every one tomorrow please, big Trev is ready to kick on!


    Em x

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