Correct tack and turnout for eventing

  • Saddlery not permitted in dressage

    • Bit and tongue guards
    • Nose nets (except with written permission from sport director)
    • Sheepskin or other attachments that might affect the horse’s vision
    • Ear covers
    • Fly fringes (unless authorised by BE steward in exceptional climatic conditions)
    • Running and Irish martingales
    • Side reins, running reins and chambons
    • Neck straps (except in BE90 & BE100)
    • Seat covers
    • Boots or bandages
    • Equiboots or hoof boots

    Not permitted in show jumping or cross-country

    • Fly fringes (unless authorised by BE steward in exceptional climatic conditions)
    • Side reins, running reins and chambons
    • Equiboots or hoof boots
    • Indirect attachment of reins to bits, hackamores or any form of bitless bridle
    • Curb rein passing through ring of running martingale
    • Any stirrup or leather that does not hang outside the flap of the saddle
    • Market Harboroughs

    Not permitted in any discipline

    • Blinkers
    • Tongue strap or tying down the horse’s tongue
    • Draw reins
    • Standing martingale
    • Any other form of martingale or gadget


    • Permitted in all classes
    • Compulsory for advanced

    Double Bridles

    • Only permitted at Intermediate Novice and above for dressage
    • Cavesson nosebands are compulsory with a double bridle


    • English style saddles are compulsory
    • Side-saddle riding is not permitted

    Permitted bridoon bits

      NB…a double bridle should always consist of a broken (simple or double) and a straight bit.

    • Loose ring, single jointed bridoon bit
    • Double jointed bridoon bit
    • Egg-butt bridoon bit
    • Bridoon bit with hanging cheeks

    Permitted curb bits and accessories

    • Half moon curb
    • Curb bit with curved cheeks and port
    • Curb bit with loops for lipstrap on the cheeks and with port
    • Curb bit with port and sliding mouth piece (Weymouth)
    • Curb chains
    • Lipstraps
    • Rubber curb chain covers
    • Leather curb chain covers


    • if a snaffle has two joints, all parts must be rounded and smooth
        Permitted cheeks or rings

      • Loose ring
      • Egg-butt
      • D-ring/racing snaffle
      • Full cheek
      • Snaffle with upper cheeks only
      • Hanging cheek

      Permitted mouthpieces

      • Single jointed
      • Double jointed
      • Double jointed (French link)
      • Double jointed (lozenge)
      • Straight bar
      • Unjointed wavy (rubber or plastic only)
      • Rotating mouthpiece

      Permitted materials

      • Rubber, leather, plastic or steel

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