Andreas Ostholt’s top ride Franco Jeas put down after Blenheim fall

  • Eventer Andreas Ostholt’s top horse, the 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding Franco Jeas, has been put down after a fall in the CCI*** at Blenheim (12-15 September).

    Franco Jeas fell at the Ariat Europe Dew Pond and splintered his shoulder.

    During surgery to remove the chippings it was felt the injury was too severe for recovery to be possible and Franco Jeas was euthanised.

    He had been with Andreas for eight years.

    Andreas and Franco Jeas won Luhm ¼hlen CIC*** in 2011 and were shortlisted for the German Olympic team for London.

    A spokesman for Andreas said: “He was supremely talented horse but was not always the easiest to manage.

    “His beautiful successes and less fortunate moments made this a special partnership. It will be very difficult for Andreas to get over this loss,” he added.

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