Young dressage horse final on the move

  • The final of the findthebest.co.uk young dressage horse series will now be held at the West Wilts EC on Friday, 3 August.

    The ongoing FMD crisis has forced a change of venue for the competition, originally scheduled to be held at Badminton last April.

    Organiser Ian Adsetts said: “We are obviously disappointed that for the first time we are unable to hold the championship at Badminton, but there are still too many risks associated with foot-and-mouth.

    “West Wilts offers excellent facilities and is able to fulfil all the criteria for competing under the present conditions set by the guidelines.”

    There will be two full days of competition and 18 teams from around the country have entered the inter-Pony Club team class. Four- and five-year-old potential dressage horses will be assessed over three phases of conformation, a ridden test and a mark for star quality for the 10 reaching the final judging.

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