Patrick Kittel decision: FEI releases statement

  • The full International Equestrian Federation’s statement over the incident involving Patrick Kittel:

    “The FEI investigation into the training methods used by Patrick Kittel on his horse Watermill Scandic in Odense, Denmark on 18 October 2009 has been concluded.

    Witness statements and video evidence have been thoroughly reviewed and the investigation findings are that there is no reliable evidence that the warm-up techniques used by Mr Kittel were excessive.

    As a result, the FEI Legal Department has ruled that no formal claim against Mr Kittel will be submitted to the FEI Tribunal.

    However Mr Kittel has received a warning letter regarding the appropriate and inappropriate use of warm-up techniques and has been made aware that his actions will be watched very carefully going forward to ensure that there are no subsequent violations of FEI rules relating to horse welfare.

    The FEI is conducting a major review and analysis of its current policy on pre-competition warm-up activities, with an emphasis on hyperflexion.”

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