Merrist Wood Arena affiliated dressage

  • Novice 21 (T Vartevanian)
    =1. Bryony Holloway (Royal Dragoon) 71.5%
    =1. Nathalie Kayal (Twelfth Night) 71.5%
    3. Louise Stone (Donna Mia) 70.5%

    It was the open riders who dominated the top three places in the full novice 21 with Nathalie Kayal and event rider Bryony Holloway joint winners on 71.5%.

    Novice 27 qualifier
    1. Louise Stone (Donna Mia) 67.86%
    2. Bryony Holloway (Royal Dragoon) 67.86%
    3. Bryony Holloway (Chit Chat IV) 65.36%

    The top two in the novice qualifier went right down to the wire, with placings between the two open riders being decided by collectives. Louise Stone piped Bryony Holloway to the win, but Bryony completed a good day at the office, taking two of the top three places above both of her rides.

    Elementary 41 (P Green)
    1. Tor Fenwick (Good Thyme Lad, owned by Laura Young) 69.2%
    2. Sarah Ridd (Weymarsh Maximus, owned by Janice Cahill) 68.40%
    3. Micheal Smith (Grand Merlot) 68.00%

    Tor Fenwick took the open section and was overall winner of elementary 41 to pick up the first half of her regional ticket with the coloured gelding Good Thyme Lad. She achieved a narrow win over Sarah Ridd in a high scoring class.

    Elementary 50 qualifier (M Drewe)
    1. Tor Fenwick (Good Thyme Lad, owned by Laura Young) 69.64%
    2. T Harvey (Ontario II) 67.86%
    3. Louise Stamp (Sledermaus II) 67.14%

    Tor Fenwick sealed her ticket to the regionals by taking the second elementary class of the day, aboard the reliable Good Thyme Lad. They were again knocking on the 70% door, winning the class with 69.64%. This was a fantastic result for the 14-year-old, who fits competing three horses around her school work. She now plans to take two horses to the regionals at Keysoe.

    Medium 71 qualifier (M McPhillips)
    1. Damian Hallam (Weltroon, owned by Sarah and Tony Pidgley) 74.19%
    2. Nadine Ronan (Our Way) 67.41%
    3. Daryl Ware (Lexicon, owned by Diana Clements) 65.16%

    Damian Hallam comfortably won the Medium qualifier with Sarah and Tony Pidgley’s Weltroon, with 74.19%, the biggest score of the day. Nadine Ronan took the restricted section, aboard her own, Our Way.

    The first and second overall prize winners from each class at this show won a free ticket to the Emile Faurie Lecture demo at Merrist Wood on 27 June 2007.

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