German dressage rider cleared of doping

  • German team rider Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff has been cleared of administering a performance-enhancing substance to her top horse, Renoir Unicef

    Leading German dressage rider Ann-KathrinLinsenhoff and her partner/trainer Klaus-Martin Rath have been cleared of administering a performance-enhancing substance to her top horse, Renoir Unicef.

    All horses at the German championships in Mannheim, which took place a month prior to WEG, were routinely drug-tested post-competition and Renoir tested positively for a substance forbidden in competition.

    Linsenhoff’s explanation was that after his competitive efforts were over, a drug “which enhanced regeneration after demanding efforts”, was administered prior to the test sample being taken by officials. This was medication he was routinely given at home.

    The German Federation accepted Linsenhoff’s explanation that the substance was administered post-competition.

    “This is proved by the unusually high amount of the substance in the sample,” said German official team vet Bjorn Nolting.

    The case was broadly discussed in a German Federation board meeting prior to WEG. “For one hour, she was out of the team,” said an observer.

    But the officials decided that, as it was not a case of forbidden medication or doping during the competition, no sanctions would be taken.

    Linsenhoff and Rath decided not to appear in front of a hearing after WEG in the middle of October, but sent their vet, who read a statement. A further twist has been added by the leaking of the positive test result to those outside the German Federation. Usually, a positive result would only be made public if those involved with the horse were found guilty of doping.

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