Dressage committee exclusively tells H&H “we will not resign”

  • FEI dressage committee chairman Mariette Withages-Dieltjens has told H&H the committee has no intention of resigning.

    Yesterday, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) announced it had called for the “immediate resignation” of its dressage committee.

    In a fiery letter dated 31 October, FEI president Princess Haya asked the six-member committee — headed by Mariette Withages-Dieltjens and consisting dressage judges and one judge/rider — to stand down.

    Princess Haya described the dressage committee as “completely uncooperative and self-serving” and “not fit for purpose”. The FEI president said the judges had “flatly refused any advice, recommendations, requests or even instructions from the FEI bureau”.

    But chairman Mariette Withages-Dietljens told H&H today: “I can only tell you for the moment that the dressage committee has no intention to resign [sic].”

    The situation is likely to lead to even more fireworks.

    Yesterday, FEI director of sport David Holmes said: “We have requested their resignation. The board doesn’t have the power to demand the resignation of the committee. The only body that can de-select them is the one that selected them — the general assembly. We’re hoping they will see the light and resign.”

    Read the FEI dressage committee’s letter of response to Princess Haya

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