CDI Stadl Paura, Austria

  • The British ruled at CDI Stadl Paura, Austria (5-8 April). Emma Hindle scored 73.5% to win at grand prix riding Lancet and then took the special.

    Emma was also delighted with Diamond Hit, who was second on his grand prix debut on 69.792%.

    Fiona Bigwood headed the grand prix for the kr with Mr G De Lully on 70.125% and stormed the kr itself with 74.6%, scoring nines for his piaffe/passage.

    International newcomer Anna Ross-Davies was third in the grand prix on 69.083% with Liebling. They were fourth in the special with 67.52% and are scoring eights for piaffe.

    Annas next stop is Saumur for her British team debut.

    Read this dressage report in full, plus reports from the cream of dressage shows around Britain, in this Thursday’s Horse & Hound (19 April, ’07)

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