British riders head for Sunshine Tour

  • A significant number of British riders will be competing in the Spanish Sunshine Tour, which takes place over three consecutive competitions from 20 February to 18 March.

    Riders competing in big tour are: Alice Bamford (Akzento),

    Lizzie Murray (Catherston Humbug)

    Emma Hindle (Wie Weltmeyer and Lille Markens Arkibal)

    Sandy Phillips (No Limit)

    Laura Richardson (Millenium)

    Charlotte Edmonds (Torque O¨ The Devil)

    Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer (Winniza)

    KirstyMepham (Dikkiloo, Insterberg)

    Claire Harwood (Alley Marble)

    Small tour:

    Astrid Lutzow (Armarni)

    Gilly Bird (Gerhart)

    Angie Rutherford (Kartouche, Jonogold)

    Lizzie Murray (Catherston Liberator)

    Emma Hindle (Ginocchietti)

    Nathalie Heappey (Waldano)

    Charlotte Edmonds (Broomford Locarno)

    Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer (Douglas Dorsey)

    Young horse classes:

    Emma Hindle (Jolo)

    Nathalie Heappey (MCF Probono)

    Kirsty Mepham (Waldemar).

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