Anna Ross-Davies wins World Cup dressage qualifier in Poland

  • Anna Ross-Davies achieved her first win in a World Cup qualifying competition in Warsaw, Poland at the weekend (13-16 March). She scored 71.00% on Liebling II to triumph in the freestyle.

    This impressive achievement followed an interesting grand prix performance after “Lenny” took a dislike to the large TV screens at either end of the arena.

    After behaving like “a snorting camel . . . on a 10m circle around X” in the grand prix, according to a report on the Patchetts website, Anna and Lenny made the most of the short warm-up period allowed in the arena before the kur started the following day. They then produced a much more settled freestyle test to head the field.

    Polish rider Michal Rapcewicz finished in fourth place in the kur to qualify for the FEI World Cup dressage final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on 11-year-old Randon. Rapcewicz trains in the Netherlands with Belgian rider Peter Spahn and will be the first Polish rider to compete in the final since 2001.


    1. LIEBLING II Anna Ross-Davies GBR 71.00%
    2. ROSENSTRAUSS Petra Wilm GER 68.35%
    3. NORBLIN Johannes Augustin GER 68.300%
    4. RANDON Michal Rapcewicz POL 67.65%
    5. KOMPLIMENT Larisa Bushina RUS 65.259%
    6. DOMBAL Svetlana Yevshchik BLR 64.950%
    7. DRUPPY Zsofia Dallos HUN 64.55%
    8. TOPOL Paulina Rejves UKR 63.750%
    9. RUGBY Katarzyna Milcczarek POL 63.700%
    10. BOVARY Anna Pyrkina RUS 62.550%

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