Advanced action at Addington Manor

  • Addington Manor

    Belinda Skipper and Capetto Vestervang took the advanced pick your own test, after riding the advanced 100 at Addington Manor, reports Ruth Pearce.

    Daniel Greenwood and Lady Inchcape’s Destination led the advanced medium, while Helen White and Rhiannon IV shared the top spot in the elementary qualifier with Sara Garvie and La Festa. Helen went on to head the medium qualifier.

    Sharon Rudd led the restricted section of the elementary qualifier with Rosenkrantz. Elizabeth Thornewill took the restricted section of medium 74 on Finaliste, while the novice qualifier went to Uvavu and event rider Philippa Walker.

    Unex Towerlands

    The new partnership of Lauren Dance and Roli took both novices at Unex Towerlands, after only recently starting to compete together, reports Ruth Pearce.

    Catherine Cawdron won both elementary and medium qualifiers on Highland Spirit. She also finished second to Maria Pook and Toy Story in the advanced medium 86 and second to Maxine Dowman and Lora in the advanced medium qualifier on Highland Lad.

    Amanda Brooksmith and Pas Ce Soir took the advanced 100 in only their second test at the level.


    Udonis made a victorious debut at elementary level for his owner/rider Lee McKendry when recording two wins over three busy days of dressage at Rowallan Activity Centre in Ayrshire, reports Hilary MacTaggart.

    Susan Dunlop collected two medium winter qualifiers riding Rockhill Proud As Punch, while Corinna Wyse enjoyed two medium victories with Riva.

    Jennifer Murtagh and Peter Pan were elementary music winners, and also added a further win at the same level. Joanne McNeill rode her small hunter Inishmore to two elementary wins.

    Jo Barry and Vivaldi V recorded the highest score of the competition, when heading the novice music class on an impressive 84.44%.

    Alison Dukes and Sascha S recorded a victorious treble, posting two prix st georges wins and one at advanced medium.

    Read these reports in full, including analysis and pictures, plus reports from Beaver Hall, Moorsele CPDI, Summerhouse and Welsh Dressage Group in this Thursday’s issue of Horse & Hound (12 October, ’06)

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