Adelinde Cornelissen eliminated from World Equestrian Games

  • Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival, gold medal prospects at the World Games, have been eliminated after blood was seen in the horse’s mouth.

    Judge at c and head of the ground jury Britain’s Stephen Clarke had to ask Adelinde to leave the arena after her halt and rein back on seeing the red in the foam around the horse’s mouth.

    Speaking to Stephen Clarke at the national championships last month he said that he was honoured to have the responsibility of judging from C, but was dreading something like this happening and having to send a rider out.

    Adelinde shrugged her shoulders and patted her horse, dropped her reins and walked out.

    Up until that point she was well in the lead, scoring nines for their halt, extended trot and both half passes.

    The Dutch still lead the team competition but being down to three riders Edward Gal cannot afford to have a big problem this afternoon on Totilas.

    This puts Adelinde out of the individual competition too, and throws open the possibility for our top rider Laura Bechtolsheimer to stand even higher on that podium.

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