Fine Fettle Products

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    Address PO Box 63, Narberth, SA67 9AW, UK

    Fine Fettle Products is a company dedicated to improving horses’ health and wellbeing by natural means. We specialise in the research and development of methods of equine care which work with the immune system, to support and maintain natural good health.

    Our ethos is to take a natural approach to help redress the imbalances in the system, which cause illnesses and adverse health issues.

    Addressing the cause:
    Realising that horses today are far more susceptible to a range of illnesses that hardly existed decades ago; and that many of these problems are the result of fairly recent changes in diet, we developed Happy Tummy™, a superb and effective gut balancer.

    Gut Balance:
    Happy Tummy™ is a specially treated charcoal feed supplement which adsorbs toxins from the horses’ system, and re-balances the pH. This supports the healthy gut microflora and allows the immune system to function better. Overall, your horses’ health, condition and performance improve.