Loraine Homer’s showing blog: Making the right decision

  • So the school play of Little Red Riding Hood went well for Alice and Harry managed a fourth place at the one-day-event with a very respectable dressage test and double clear. A good fun family day out which everyone can get involved in.

    Tom (my husband) is not a great showing fan so I really like it when he comes along with mum and dad to these local events.

    I have given the HOYS qualified ponies a rest and my four-year-old hunter, LVS Jackpot a break too as he came home from the Three Counties Show with a massive bite on his leg that blew up, went septic and had to be lanced. He was unsettled there so I now know the reason as it must have been very painful.

    Our new 14hh show hunter pony (SHP), Updown Dai also came home from a show at Bury Farm with a bang which I presume can only have happened travelling, so he too has been off the road. This has given me the opportunity to spend more time with a few of the babies and less exposed ones.

    Choosing the right show to start a young horse at can always be a problem and I certainly did not get it right with the novice 14.2hh, Crafton Oliver Twist. He had been riding round nicely at shows but a large class at NCPA Staffs proved to be a bit much for him, as I sadly I could not put him in the novice due to a class clash later in the day. I hope he is not too put off and I look forward to getting him out again as he looked very beautiful.

    The other new combination that day proved to be a huge success with Alice jumping her first HOYS 153cm working hunter track on Ollie (Oliver II) with just one fence down. It was a very difficult course that proved to cause lots of problems so we are delighted and look forward to another one. The pony is really for campaigning next season but a bit of experience this year will only help.

    When you get the decision right you feel very smug but when you get it wrong it can live with you for days. It’s like training a racehorse; a big part of the skill is choosing the right race.

    We also recently decided to all go to the local hunt show rather than a larger HOYS qualifying show.

    What a fun day we had with Harry and Alice winning the pairs showjumping and earning themselves a good place in most classes. They both get very excited going against the clock and as much as I stress that a slower more controlled round is quicker against the clock the red mist still comes down and the handbrake well and truly let off!

    Comberton Coda a three-year-old 143cm SHP went to her first show for a ride around and quietly popped around the clear round jumping. I have such high hopes for her being a great success.

    We also took Quality Douglas to his first show. A stunning 153cm pony who is for sale. He was a mega star showing great attitude and ability. I hope to find him a super new home where he will go on to great things.

    As we now look forward to the Royal International Horse Show at the end of the month, I am delighted the school holidays are here. Pony Club camp is our next stop. If you think packing for an international show is quite daunting it is nothing on preparing for camp!


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