Kirsty Short’s Badminton first-timer blog: I have become an eventing stalker

  • The waiting game as to whether I will get off the wait list and into the accepted list of entries for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials continues. Although I have received the start of all the information on what’s happening and had forms to fill out on who I’m taking to groom for me. My good friends normally help me out. I am so used to doing everything myself, it seems odd to have a groom, but you really need all hands-on deck at a four-star so I really appreciate all the involvement of the team.

    I feel like I have become an eventing stalker. I looked to see who had entered the Rolex Kentucky four-star and whether anyone on the wait list for Badminton might withdraw and go there. However, three people have now withdrawn so I’m sitting in 33rd place on the wait list.

    A delivery from Badminton

    I have managed to get off one wait list this week which is Loughborough University’s for their PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education) — I’m just waiting for that important phone call from Badminton now.

    Bouncer (Cossan Lad, my Badminton ride) has been very fresh this week — it’s nice he still feels like a sprightly five-year-old, although he doesn’t throw the shapes he used to when he was five, thank goodness.

    I have managed to get my essays done which is a relief. I treated myself to a well-deserved morning off last Sunday as I turned the horses out at night for the first time which was a lovely feeling (no mucking out).

    Bouncer (left) in the field with his friend

    By the time you read this, Bouncer will have competed in the advanced at Belton over the weekend and Cortage was doing the novice. I’m itching to get the babies started but I’m waiting until my dissertation is done.

    Last week we trained at home with plenty of long hacks (pictured top), fast work on the gallops and some gymnastic exercises in the school. Gymnastic jumping is great for both the horse and rider as it helps build the horse’s core strength and you can perfect your position.

    Continued below…

    I was videoed on all the horses to see where my position needed improving and to analyse each horse’s way of going. I also practised my dressage test for Belton as it is a new one. It is quite nice to have a change and I like the new dynamics of the test. The flying changes are on the long side at E so this should suit Bouncer well, touch wood.

    Teddy Edwards have also dropped in my new numnahs and breeches with their logos all made up and they look fantastic.

    I will update you on Belton as soon as possible — hopefully we won’t have had any dramas or tack malfunctions.

    Kirsty and Bouncer x

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