William Fox-Pitt’s autobiography: What Will Be

  • In What Will Be, William Fox-Pitt talks openly and honestly about his life so far, including the break up of his marriage and the anguish of Athens.

    This book was far funnier than I imagined and is written clearly and concisely, making it an easy read. Amusing moments include how William frequently forgets to put the handbrake on when parking lorries, leading to a certain lorry losing its roof at one event, and his childhood guinea pig breeding successes.

    It is also interesting to read about William’s top 10 horses, which he lists towards the back of the book.

    William does chop and change between calling his horses by their full names and stable names, which at times can be confusing. And it’s a shame that the book didn’t feature at least some of the 2007 season.

    As it was launched at Burghley, I see no reason why it couldn’t have run up until Badminton, which in the light of the controversy this year’s event caused, would have proved fascinating. But overall, this is one of the best “horsey” autobiographies so far.

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