Nutrition in a bag

  • Nesler’s Solid Gold is a feed balancer designed to deliver optimum nutrition to your horse

    For owners who worry about their horse’s weight, Nesler has introduced a new feed balancer called Solid Gold.

    This supplement provides a full range of vitamins, minerals, yeast cultures and a prebiotic, it can be added to their current rations to improve condition and general wellbeing.

    Formulated using yeast cultures to aid the digestive tract and increase fibre digestibility. Essential trace elements, minerals and B vitamins improve skin condition and aids the formation of enzymes, hormones and horn.

    The addition of the prebiotic provides an energy source for the beneficial microflora in the gut.

    Available in 20kg bags.

    Cost at around £25 inc VAT.

    For more information Nesler Equine Nutrition tel: (01608 663020) or visit www.shipstonmill.co.uk

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