New Foresters off to the outback

  • Two New Forest stallions have become the first of their breed to have their frozen semen exported to Australia.

    Breeders down under are struggling to maintain and improve the quality of their ponies because of a reduced gene pool, and Sandra Barry from the Australian New Forest Pony Society visited studs in France and the UK to address the issue.

    Applewitch Pure Magic and Wayland Loganberry have been selected as top-class stallions with bloodlines that should complement the Australian mares.

    As a result of this new initiative, the first New Forest foals conceived with frozen semen in Australia should be born later this year.

    The export of New Forest semen started in 2000 and has increased by 50% each year, with breeders in Holland being particularly keen to use British bloodlines.

    For more information, visit: www.newforestpony.com

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