New award for top event groom

  • The groom of the winning horse at Burghley 2006 is to be recognised with the presentation of a stunning 18ct gold diamond set stock pin from Topline.

    “The aim of this award is to recognise the hard work and dedication that the grooms put into the horses” said Arthur Griffiths, Topline Designer. “Our son Jonty Evans began his career as a groom and we would all like to see the backroom staff get some recognition at Burghley: everyone needs some back up!”

    Topline – launching at Burghley 2006 – is the coming together of two of the jewellery industries best-known names: Griff and BCL Gemstyle Ltd. The range will harness the ideas of both companies in providing a collection of precious metal gem set jewellery. Originality, flair, quality and value for money are the hallmarks of the brand.

    Sources at Burghley are said to be delighted with the idea, and are excited that Topline have pledged it as an annual award for years to come.

    The Topline range can be found in the Horse Village at Burghley this year. The image above is an example of the Topline range.

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