Kate Allenby’s Pony Club days

  • Olympic bronze medallist, Kate Allenby, went back to her routes when she attended The Pony Club Conference 2000.

    Kate gave an informative and amusing speech to the delegates about the role that Pony Club played in her Olympic success.

    When Kate joined the Pony Club, aged 10, she did not have a pony and so began by representing her branch in triathlon competitions.

    She progressed into tetrathlon competitions when she was kindly loaned an equine partner, and the rest is history.

    As the tetrathlon competition took place towards the end of the Olympics, the British team members took full advantage of the holiday atmosphere at their training ground on the Gold Coast, according to Kate.

    Kate went on to describe the Olympic course as extremely taxing and technical, although she praised the standard of the horses.

    “I was very pleased to be there and intend to go back in four years time to change the colour of my medal,” she said.

    She dedicated her bronze medalto the Pony Club: “It was where it all started when I was just 10-years-old.”

    If Kate has inspired you to become a Pony Club member, please contact (tel: 02476 698300)

    Picture courtesy of Horse magazine.