Fernie puppy show 22 June 2014

  • Nigel Peel, joint-master and huntsman of the North Cotswold, and Michael Stokes — huntsman of the Berkeley — judged the ten couple entry, praising their quality and condition.

    Afterwards a large-scale reception was held in honour of Toby Hill who has retired after 25 years as the Fernie’s honorary secretary.

    Senior joint-master Joe Cowen paid tribute to Toby’s immense contribution to the hunt, and presented him with a painting by Robin Furness of Toby riding across the Saddington Vale on his favourite hunter Clancy.


    Doghounds.— 1, Brampton (by North Cotswold Brigand 11 out of Watchful 08) walked by Mr and Mrs M. Andrews; 2, Brigstock (North Cotswold Brigand 11-Watchful 08), Mr and Mrs M. Andrews; 3, Brandish North Cotswold Brigand 11-Watchful 08Mr and Mrs R. Gilbert.

    Bitches.— 1, and champion, Greeting (North Cotswold Grimsby-Pity 08) Mrs J. Clarke; 2, Gaiety (N. Cotswold Grimsby 10-Breezy 09) Mr and Mrs M. Hudson; 3, Gracious, (North Cotswold Grimsby-Pity 08)  Mr and Mrs P. Ikin.


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