East Anglian hound show: 6 July 2014

  • The revised East Anglian Hound Show, kindly sponsored by Mr Jeremy Lawes, held within Horseheath Country Fair on Sunday, 6 July, is now in its second year.

    The show saw five packs showing some quality hounds, judged by
    Dick Chapman, huntsman of the newly-formed Moorlands Hunt.

    The champion doghound was Cottesmore Whopper and the champion bitch was Suffolk Bonfire, who went on to stand supreme and win the Essex County Shield.

    Results – Dog Hounds


    1st             Stalker (Cottesmore)

    2nd            Moonstone (Puckeridge)

    3rd            Stowaway (Puckeridge)


    1st            Gallant (Cottesmore)

    2nd           Charger (Thurlow)

    3rd            Ragtime (Puckeridge)

    Unentered Couple:

    1st            Moonshine & Merlin (Puckeridge)

    2nd           Scholar & Scottish (Thurlow)

    3rd            Porter & Pontiff (Cottesmore)

    Entered Couple:

    1st             Pontiff & Poacher (Essex Farmers & Union)

    2nd            Teamchase & Teacher (Thurlow)

    3rd             Templer & Tenant (Thurlow)

    Stallion Hound:

    1st            Whopper (Cottesmore)

    2nd            Monarch (Thurlow)

    3rd            Barber (Cottesmore)

    Results – Bitches


    1st             Pollen (Cottesmore)

    2nd             Fanfare (Essex Farmers & Union)

    3rd             Blossum (Cottesmore)


    1st             Boastful (Suffolk)

    2nd            Artful (Suffolk)

    3rd            Goldfinch (Puckeridge)

    Unentered Couple:           

    1st             Bounty & Bula (Thurlow)

    2nd             Blossum & Bluebell (Cottesmore)

    3rd             Mystery & Misteltoe (Puckeridge)

    Entered Couple:           

    1st             Boastful & Bounty (Suffolk)

    2nd            Backchat & Barrow (Cottesmore)

    Brood Bitch:           

    1st            Bonnet (Thurlow)

    2nd           Balmy (Cottesmore)

    3rd            Fairmade (Thurlow)

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