Dressage to Music

  • H&H reviews Dressage to Music by Claire Lilley

    WHETHER you want to school your horse to the Mary Poppins soundtrack or perform a high-level dressage test to Mozart, this is the book for you.
    In this clear and concise tome, Claire Lilley takes the reader through all the stages of dressage to music, from burning CDs and laying out your dressage arena to making costumes, executing the movements (both the optional and the compulsory) and arriving at your first competition.
    She explains how riding to music at home can make training more fun and help relax both horse and rider, as well as more technical information, including how the scoring works and the scales of training.
    Dressage to Music is well laid-out, with lots of pictures and diagrams. In addition, one chapter covers comments from professionals from within the dressage world, passing on their knowledge and expertise. However, there could be more included by those who are at the first stage of their dressage to music career.

    Published by JA Allen. ISBN: 978085131 943 8

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