Dos and don’ts of hound show judging

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    Whether you consider them to be social events, beauty pageants or important occasions for the development of hound breeding, the summer shows are not to be missed

    Dos and don’ts

    • Do start on time.
    • Don’t get bogged down by too much detail in the early classes and keep your eye on the clock so that all classes receive the same attention.
    • Once you start judging, establish a “type”.
    • Don’t go with any preconceived ideas or be influenced by overheard pre-show gossip.
    • Do judge the hound in front of you and not the pack.
    • Remember that in a couples class, matching size, conformation, type and quality are more important than a matching colour scheme.
    • Do glance round now and again to see what the hounds behind you look like when the showing huntsman is off guard.
    • If you are the senior judge, engage with your junior co-judge, encourage them and listen, but stick to your guns if you think you are right.
    • Quality, balance and movement, quality, balance and movement.
    • Try to smile — and enjoy yourself!

    For the full article on how to judge a hound show, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (9 June, 2011)

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