Britain’s sexiest farrier crowned

  • No 1 Duncan Langman, 26, South Devon
    Duncan’s (pictured) skin-tight chaps have pulses racing in Devon. “Dunk the Hunk” is renowned for his sexy smile, although he is blissfully unaware that he has any fans other than his girlfriend, Claire.

    When he’s not working Duncan relaxes in Kingsbridge playing pool and snooker, or goes cycling. H&H’s editorial staff voted him the clear winner – much to his surprise. Doesn’t he look in the mirror?

    No 2 Matthew Vincent, 20, Cornwall
    Moving up from the runners-up list last year, Matt is, “adored by young fillies with pictures of him on their walls and also by old nags wishing they were 20 years younger,” claims one nominator.

    We assume that his physique can be attributed to his plethora of chosen sports: he show jumps, events, hunts, surfs, wakeboards, and plays rugby and football.

    He admits that a few clients “act a bit silly” around him, but girlfriend Emily keeps competition at bay, especially when Matthew’s strutting his stuff in the nightclubs of Newquay.

    You can see a lot more of Matthew in a 2005 nude Cornish farriers calendar in aid of Cancer Research UK.

    No 3 Steve Smith, 28, Wirral
    This Smith is – for some reason – very shy, and “totally unaware of the reaction he gets when he walks on to a yard”, says one admirer. American ladies have also had the opportunity to admire Steve’s, er, shoeing technique on his visits to the States following a farriers’ exchange trip in 1998.

    He admits having noticed that he caught the ladies’ eyes when he was an apprentice, but didn’t realise he was still doing it now.

    More keen to show off his mares than himself – he has a 15.2hh called The Joyrider, who has competed at the Royal International – Steve may have even more admirers once this photograph is seen.

    Fuelling all kinds of fantasies, Steven has an off-road motorbike, but girlfriend Anna is the lucky one who gets to ride pillion.

    Runners-up list

    Sean Whelan, 25, Warwickshire
    A fan of the horsey social scene, he can be found at hunt balls looking great in formal gear, but one admirer says: “he looks just as good in jeans”.

    Michael Lamb, 27, Isle of Wight
    He only gets to ride in the winter because he has too much work in summer – probably thanks to hopes of a glimpse of his torso when it’s hot!

    Nick Lee, 29, Devon
    When he’s not pounding an anvil, Nick is trying to get a polocrosse team together. He has the sticks and the field but no team. We can’t imagine that volunteers will be hard to come by.

    Alex Humble, 32, New Forest
    His favourite saying is “no worries” and we hope getting short-listed won’t change that, especially as he only has eyes for his new bride, Kerry. She says: “He was just so sexy when he bent over to shoe my horses that I decided I had to marry him.” If only it were that easy for the rest of us…

    Michael McNamara, 68, Cornwall
    He says he rarely goes out because it’s hard to get a lift home. Maybe he could be “picked up” by one of his adoring fans?
    Michael, however, is wary of young fillies, saying: “it’s because of them that
    I got into trouble in the first place!”

    Phil Kirby, 25, North Yorkshire
    Phil keeps a number of show horses with girlfriend Pippa and we’re sure it’s really him who actually catches the judge’s eye. This football-playing farrier says he got too “big” to continue racing. But we like him just the way he is.

    Peter Challis-Hircock, 40, Devon
    During the summer months, Peter takes to swimming in the waves, both mounted and unmounted, which drums up a whole host of fantasies for his admirers. But partner Yvonne is the one who gets to dry off his shorts.
    Though aware of the flirtatiousness of some clients, Peter says: “it’s all part of being a farrier”. That, and the queue of ladies wanting to dance the night away with him at the hunt ball.

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  • This feature was first published in Horse & Hound (23 September 04)

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