Beware Poison!

  • This book highlights the various plants that are harmful and/or indigestible for horses, and I think every horseowner should have a copy. It’s simple and straight to the point. Although the title sounds rather dramatic, it is actually an enlightening read and is well set out, so specific information is easy to find.

    I found the largest section, detailing the various ‘danger’ plants, to be of the most interest – it’s split into three parts, detailing those that are deadly, those that cause serious poisoning and those that produce milder symptoms. It also explains which vegetables should not be fed to horses, some of which I found surprising, and other common sources of poisoning.

    This section contains a lot of both vital and interesting information, providing facts that readers may not know, and the colour photographs help to identify specific species, should there be any doubt as to what the dangerous plants look like. I also thought that it was useful to include details of what can be done to prevent poisoning, as well as the information your vet will need to know.

    Not only does the book refresh your knowledge, but it also alerts the reader to risks that they may not have even thought of. Added to that the reasonable price and this really is a must-read for all involved in the day-to-day care of horses.

    Published by Cadmos, ISBN: 3861279509

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