Yard and horse box must-haves you can’t live without [Promotion]

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If there’s one thing you should have in your horse’s wardrobe from this cracking 2015 spring/summer edit, it’s Masta’s Wickmasta rug. It’s a marvel; sweat rug, cooler, travel and show rug all in one. The only problem is that it’s so nice you might not want to use it…
Seriously though, there are some basics all horse owners need and these yard essentials and horsebox must-haves tick those essential boxes.      £112.99

Masta-WickmastaA spare headcollar on the lorry is a must, not only if one gets broken on a journey, but also if you’re staying away at a show then you probably don’t want to leave your best leather headcollar hanging outside your horse’s stable as it may have vanished by morning.      £19.99

Cottage-Craft-HeadcollarYou probably also don’t want to leave home without a Cottage Craft grooming kit box. Tidy away all your favourite products, brushes, a Cottage Craft lunge line and some stretchy self-adhesive flex wrap in case of mishap (or if your boot zips give up at a disastrous moment, trust me it’s really handy then, too) away – either in a tasteful navy box or a more sparky pink one for kids. Not only that, but when you realise your horse has rubbed out a plait on the journey, hop up on the box as a sturdy step and use some Cottage Craft plaiting bands to avert a mane mishap.      £21.49

Cottage-Craft-Tack-BoxIt’s always a good idea to have a spare haynet or two on the lorry; I personally always travel horses with nets of hay or haylage and had to beg borrow and steal a second net for a horse I was asked to pick up mid-journey last-minute. Lesson learned: I now always carry spares.      (L) £11.99

Cottage-Craft-Large-Haylege-NetThe horse I collected was a youngster. They are often better left without boots or bandages for travelling as the alien feeling of them on their legs can often cause them more distress. However, I always use protection on older horses. I particularly like Masta’s three-strap bandages as they’re really easy to strip off quickly from an excited, dancing horse at a show. Plus the fashion-conscious can colour coordinate them with the Wickmasta or Coolmasta rugs.      £19.49

Cottage-Craft-Strap-Travel-BootsThe Cottage Craft tail bandage stops my competition horse’s tail looking like a bog brush by the time we arrive; her favourite way to travel is in the ‘brace’ position, with her bottom firmly wedged again the back wall. It’s a killer for tidy tails.      £3.99

Cottage-Craft-Tail-BandageThe durable Cottage Craft leadrope is also a winner; a bit longer and a whole lot tougher than your usual twisted cotton rope, plus the bonded end means they last longer, too.      £7.99

Cottage-Craft-Smart-Lead-RopeThe portable manger has been a lifesaver. Not only are they good for giving hard feed to a horse who would otherwise play football with their feed bucket, but I like to use it for water at shows. Stabling away from home can be really pretty exciting and it’s all too easy for horses to kick over their water buckets. By the time you come back in the morning, they’re wondering why you’re withholding water from them so cruelly. Typical horses.      £10.99


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