The Show Horse show style [Promotion]

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    There’s nothing more annoying than finding the immaculate horse you left the evening before a show covered head to toe in stable stains and looking unjustifiably pleased with himself. Masta is on-hand with their full body Lycra suit which covers even the most determined of dirty horses from nose to tail – and under the belly with the wide wrap strap. £115


    They’ve got the legs covered too – literally. Use the soft felt ergonomically-shaped Cottage Craft leg pads underneath the Cottage Craft anti-pill fleece bandages as stable and travel protection. Clean and safe – the perfect combo. £24.99

    Cottage-Craft-Leg-PadsAnd while travelling, use Caldene’s plain leather headcollar – far and away the safest material to use for a headcollar on the move as it can prevent all sorts of accidents. £74.99

    Celdene-Leather-HeadcollarFor the show ring, switch the headcollar for Caldene’s plain double bridle. The flat leather style accentuates the horse’s head. It comes with two sets of matching reins with billets for a clean look – and the slip head can be removed to convert it into a snaffle bridle. £139.99

    Caldene-Plain-Double-BridleFor the final piece in the showing edit, select the Caldene sheepskin show skin – shaped around the saddle to show as much of the horse to the judge as possible. The discreet pad fits neatly under the saddle, held in place by an elastic strap around the saddle flap and stylish rolled edges. £125

    Caldene-Sheep-Skin-Show-SkinNow go out there and show off!

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