Test your riding and horse care skills in exciting new game [Promotion]

  • The first thing you realise when you visit www.howrse.co.uk is that this is not a game like any other. Indeed, what the game’s creators first had in mind when they started working on it was to replicate the life and the conditions at an equestrian centre.

    The game creates a place where people who are passionate about the horseworld can experience breeding and competing their horses.

    Players can select their favourite breed and look after their horses while training them to take part in different disciplines. The better their horses become, the more chances they have to get breed better progeny and, improve their skills and win more events.

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    Players can also create their own equestrian centre and organise competitions. The key is to learn to improve in the rankings while enjoying their hobby — just like in real life.

    If your dream has always been to have the best stud of Arab horses, then you should focus on improving the skills of you foals, while if you prefer to experience life at a country club, you should try to develop the best possible equestrian centre, with plenty of competitions available for members and renowned facilities.

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    There are more than 600,000 players in the UK since the game launched in 2011, with more than 50 million players around the world.

    Howrse is great fun, suitable for all ages and will entertain all horse lovers.

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