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    Owning a horse is extremely rewarding, but even the horse’s that receive five-star treatment could become sick or injured and require veterinary care and treatment. The emotional and financial aspects of treatment can be overwhelming, but considering your options in advance and having a plan in place for unfortunate circumstances can make stressful situations easier to navigate.

    Taking out an insurance policy can offer peace of mind and alleviate some of the worry, which will allow you to focus on your horse’s treatment and recovery.

    It’s not pleasant to think about what might happen if your horse were to become sick or have an accident, but understanding the costs associated with treating ailments can provide insight to the reality of veterinary care, which comes in addition to the everyday costs of owning a horse.

    The Insurance Emporium offers a range of insurance policies so that you can select the level of cover that best meets the needs of you and your horse. The policies include death, theft or straying as standard and vet’s fees for injury and illness can be added as an optional benefit. You can choose the cover level you like as they range from £3,000 to £7,000 per incident on lunar monthly plans (paid every 28 days). Yearly plans are also available where vet’s fees cover ranges from £2,500 to £6,500 per incident.

    Common claims

    According to The Insurance Emporium’s most common customer claims data, these are the most common problems that lead to an insurance claim – and the corresponding average treatment costs in 2023.

    Common diseases and conditions
    ● Legs, including hindlimb lameness or synovitis £733
    ● Tendons and ligaments pathologies £687
    ● Digestive issues, such as gastric ulcers £908
    ● Bone pathologies, such as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease £636
    ● Back, spine and pelvis pathologies, such as kissing spines £628
    ● Foot pathologies, such as abscesses or imbalances £557
    ● Colic £1,081
    ● Laminitis £418

    Common injuries and accidents
    ● External accident, such as a wound or kick injury £668
    ● Tendon and ligament injuries £579
    ● Leg trauma, such as a fracture £703
    ● Feet problems £672
    ● Teeth and gum problems £790

    Gloved hands bandaging horse leg

    Consider the costs

    Due to inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, fees for providing treatment have significantly increased and even the less severe conditions are costing considerable amounts to treat. When considering whether equine insurance is right for you, consider the worst-case scenarios and whether you could
    afford to pay for the treatment. If not, it could be a good idea to look at an insurance policy that covers you sufficiently in these scenarios.

    CEO of The Insurance Emporium, Francis Martin says: “Leg conditions are the most common disease-related claim, while external accidents are the most frequent cause for accident-related claims.

    Martin goes on to explain that claims for colic resulted in the highest average claim (£1,081), closely followed by digestive system conditions (£908).

    “It highlights that, without equine insurance, horse owners could be footing an extremely expensive veterinary bill.”

    For more information and to discover the range of policies with optional benefits that can be tailored to you, visit theinsuranceemporium.co.uk

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