T.E.N. is a range of targeted nutritional supplements brought to you from the makers of SPILLERS®.


Created by nutrition and veterinary experts who are also horse owners, the range has been developed with the real challenges that horse owners face in mind.

The best lessons from nature have been combined with science to bring you specifically targeted supplements.

Here we look at how one owner has used T.E.N. to support her horse’s joints.

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Lani Hunter has owned 12-year-old Henry, an overgrown (16hh!) Connemara for the past 18 months.

Lani says: “Henry is a great all-rounder. He’s consistent at dressage and on the cross-country course. He never stops, which helps put my mum’s mind at ease when I’m out competing.”

She adds: “Although he’s the boss of the yard, Henry is very sweet natured, laid-back and incredibly clean in his stable. He is the perfect horse and has a home for life with us.”

When Lani initially got Henry, he was stiff when first ridden and it took him a while to get going. Wanting to make sure he had a long active career ahead, Lani thought it would be a good idea to put Henry on a joint supplement.


She came across T.E.N. Supplements at Badminton and after speaking to the nutritionist, decided to give T.E.N. Challenged Joints a try because of the outstanding levels of ingredients for joint health that it offers. They’ve never looked back.

“Henry is much looser now and feels more comfortable going around the corners in the school,” says Lani. “I’m really pleased with the results and will now always keep him on it.”

Lani’s mum, Zoe, re-orders T.E.N. Challenged Joints through the T.E.N. website.

lani and henry

Zoe says: “The website is really easy to use and I like the fact that they have a repeat order option as this makes reordering really quick.”

All about T.E.N. Challenged Joints…

T.E.N. Challenged Joints contains high levels of glucosamine, MSM, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate, as well as rosehips, boswellia and omega 3. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their properties, to help support joint health.

There are three additional joint supplements to choose from in T.E.N.’s joint category: T.E.N. Healthy Joints, T.E.N. Senior Joints and T.E.N. Growing Joints & Bones.

T.E.N. Challenged Joints is available to buy online at www.tensupplements.co.uk. It comes in both a one-month supply (£33.99) or six months’ supply (£163.99).

If you have any questions about Challenged Joints or any of the other supplements then call Team T.E.N., tel: 01908 311010, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.