Scoring 10 out of T.E.N. [Promotion]

T.E.N. is the new range of targeted nutrition supplements brought to you from the makers of SPILLERS®. Created by horse owners, the range has been developed with the real challenges that horse owners face in mind. Here we look at how one owner has used T.E.N. to give her horse an energy boost while maintaining his waistline.

Kathryn Herring has been riding the 10-year-old Corrigan, a 16.3hh Irish draught-cross, for the past three years. He belongs to her friend who mainly hacked him, before Kathryn took over the reins.

Kathryn Herring1.jpg

Fit not fat: T.E.N. Energy Boost has given Corrigan — pictured with rider Kathryn Herring — much more ‘go’, without affecting his figure

Corrigan is sweet natured and tries his best, but Kathryn has struggled with his energy levels.

“After a short time schooling, he would just give up and wouldn’t want to do any more,” she says. “I would struggle to ‘push him through’ when he got tired, as he would just stop, so getting him fit was a very slow process.”

Kathryn had tried competition and endurance feeds, without much notable improvement. She was considering giving him up, as she felt she was asking more of him than he was able to give.

However, when hearing about T.E.N. Energy Boost supplement, she decided to give it a go and she has never looked back.

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“So far 2013 has been my best year with him,” says Kathryn. “His schooling has come on loads and I’ve felt he has wanted to work and is enjoying it so much more. I believe him going on the supplement has helped make a real difference.”

Kathryn took Corrigan to Waresley Park for a training weekend: “Despite it being one of the hottest weekends of the year, he was still bouncing into canter when it was his turn to jump!”

Kathryn Herring 3.jpg

They also did their first unaffiliated one-day event at Stratford Hills.

“He called throughout the dressage and had an unlucky pole down in the showjumping, but he went clear cross-country,” says Kathryn. “It was a long, hilly course and I don’t think that a year ago he would have got round.”

All about T.E.N. Energy Boost…

Often, overweight horses or good doers can lack enthusiasm for work, especially during the summer months. However, it may not be appropriate to increase their feed ration to raise energy levels, as this may cause unwanted weight gain.

To tackle this problem, T.E.N. developed Energy Boost, a unique supplement that provides targeted nutrition to help encourage energetic and focused behaviour.

T.E.N. Energy Boost contains mixed energy sources as well as the feel-good herbs ginseng and ginkgo. But it doesn’t include starch, so it won’t cause weight gain. In addition, branched chain amino acids have been included with the aim of supporting an energetic performance.

If you have any questions about Energy Boost, visit www.tensupplements.co.uk
for more information, or tel: 01908 311010 to speak to a member of the team.

T.E.N. Energy Boost packs cost £37.99   for a 30-day supply.



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