Reducing your horse’s stress levels [Promotion]

  • The natural behaviour of horses is governed by the smell of hormones and pheromones. The hormone oxytocin is known to naturally reduce fear and anxiety and cause calmness, positive social behaviour and bonding. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels. Oxytocin is beneficial to health.

    It is believed that PAX AROMATIC CALMER imitates the smell of the pheromone which immediately stimulates the natural production of oxytocin.

    PAX AROMATIC CALMER is not ingested by, inhaled by nor applied to the horse, thus making it 100% safe for all training and competing, from grade one racing, to children’s lead rein classes and horses on box rest. It is recommended for both colts and fillies — whether nervous or bolshie.  It cannot cause lethargy or alter performance.

    PAX AROMATIC CALMER is applied to the person, not the horse. Apply two or three drops to your hands. It works immediately.

    PAX AROMATIC CALMER contains only herbs in an alcohol base. It can be used ad-lib, either constantly or occasionally. It is economical, safe and easy to use.

    PAX AROMATIC CALMER was submitted to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate 27 September 2006 (ref: ULM7205).  They state that it is not on their remit.


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