What does Guardian & Hotline’s Fence Buster rug offer that no other rug can? *Promotion*

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Normal turnout rugs insulate horses so they do not feel the desired effect from the fence and quickly learn to push and break through. Unfortunately once this behaviour has been learnt the process is of-ten repeated at the most inconvenient times, like just before work when you really don’t have time to chase a horse round the field for half an hour, or after work on a dark and wet winter night when the last thing you feel like doing is repairing your fence for the ten millionth time.

This new range of electric fence rugs from Guardian & Hotline are superb high quality turnout rugs that combat this problem and help horse owners to maintain stress-free paddock management during the difficult conditions of winter.

Five need to know facts about electric fence rugs
• The electric fence rug design will stop a horse walking into, leaning over or ducking under an electric fence
• The pulse is transferred the very instant the horse touches the fence
• The rug works by using bespoke smart fabrics to transfer the pulse (no wires or batteries)
• You can layer multiple rugs underneath the fence buster rug & still get 100% effect from your electric fence every time
• Superior quality 1680d ballistic weave outer, 250g fill and teflon coated

The unique design of the Fence Buster rug enables the pulse from an electric fence to be instantly transferred to the inside of the rug, so the horse can feel exactly the same effect as they would if not wearing a rug at all.
The fence compatible design of the fence buster rug is in the fabric of the chest, and whole outer layer of the neck cover so a horse can’t walk into, lean over or duck under an electric fence.


Visit the company’s Facebook page or go to testimonials to see the latest reviews

Meet Guardian’s brand ambassador International event rider Ginny Howe

Guardian has recently joined forces with one of the UK’s most promising eventing stars, Ginny Howe. Aged 27, Ginny is regarded as one of the UK’s most promising eventing talents. She has already com-peted at international level for her country and at the age of 21 was one of the youngest riders to have competed at Badminton Horse Trials. Ginny was selected to ride on the young rider British team in 2007 and has successfully been competing at top three and four-star events for many years.

“I absolutely love these electric fence rugs, they are fantastic turnout rugs with the added bonus of working with electric fencing, a fantastic development to prevent escapes from naughty horses during turnout”

We use Guardian’s electric fence rug on our 17hh Holstein Stallion “Chaos”. He lives up to his name always up to something, during the summer months he will listen to the charger to see if its clicking, and if someone has left it off he will go through the tape. During the winter months when he is rugged he goes through even if it is on; as he knows he won’t get a zap off it when he is rugged, but with his new Guardian rug on ….. he had the shock of his life we he tried to walk through it!! Absolutely fantastic rug!

Visit www.guardianequestrian.com to see the full range


Where there is electric fencing – always use an electric fence rug
The clever Fence Buster rug design allows layering of any brand rugs underneath the Fence Buster, while guaranteeing 100% effect from the electric fence every time; so even in the coldest of conditions and with multiple rugs on, the horse will instantly feel the same effect from the fence as they would if not wearing a rug at all.

This high-spec rug also offers:
• Electric fence compatible chest
• Electric fence compatible & removable neck cover
• 1680d Ballistic polyester outer
• Teflon coated
• Soft nylon 190t lining
• Quick snap and adjustable chest closure
• Cross surcingle’s
• Fleece wither pad
• XXXL tail flap
• Removable rear leg straps
• Taped seams
• Breathable
• Available in sizes 4’3-7’3
• Choice of colours – Burgundy/Grey & Red/Grey

Combination packs:
Fence Buster 250g 1680d turnout rug & removable neck cover— rrp of £125.00
Fence Buster 250g 1680d turnout rug, removable neck cover and dual use 150g stable/liner rug — rrp of £150.00

Available to buy in store & online across the uk— for a full list of where to buy visit www.guaridanequestrian.com

Watch a video about how electric fence turnout rugs work

As well as benefitting from the patented electric fence chest and neck cover design, the 2015 Fence Buster range is made using a super strong 1680 Denier ballistic weave polyester outer shell for the highest durability and Du Pont’s Shield plus Teflon coating for water, oil and stain repellence. The Tef-lon coating enables rain to simply bead off the outer fabric, so during light rain the fabric resists any water absorption. Following heavy rain, the Teflon coating promotes quick drying.

Other features include the snug fleece wither pad which helps balance the weight of the rug across the withers evenly and comfortably for the horse, an extra-large tail flap to provide protection in all conditions, and taped seams for quality and performance. Even without the unique electric fence com-patible features, this really is a superb turnout rug.

See our latest reviews here.

Where to buy in the UK
The Fence buster range is available to buy direct from Guardian or instore or online from stockists across the uk visit www.guardianequestrian.com

For more informationWhite Horse Guardian Electric Fencing
Web: www.guardianequestrian.com
Email: customerservices@guardianequestrian.com
Tel: 0800 019 6468

Where to buy in Australia Eurorider Equestrian
Web: www.euroriderequestrian.com.au
Tel: 0425 228 022

Where to buy in France & Germany
Horizont Tel: +49 (0) 56 31 / 565-100
Email: agrar@horizont.com

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