Top riders share their competition performance secrets [Promotion]

In 26 March edition of Horse & Hound magazine, Ben Maher revealed his Olympic gold medal-winning partner Tripple X III is “in love with his Activo-Med pulse magnetic and massage rug. He’d wear it all day if he could and he’s terribly disappointed when I take it off.”

Ben Maher riding Tripple X III at the London Olympic Games

William Fox Pitt, Pippa and William Funnell, Carl Hester, Chris King, Laura Collett, Emily Llewellyn, Zara Phillips, Paul Nichols and Louise Bell are also fans of the Activo-Med systems.  The results are so pronounced they continue to upgrade as new product developments areFMBS advertorial released. They know the products enhance their horses comfort, performance and well-being because they feel it every time ride.

Inside all the Activo-Med horse and rider products are pulsed electromagnetic spools that penetrate deep into the soft tissue, ligaments and tendons to stimulate circulation and venous blood flow with fabulous natural results. This is combined with powerful cyclonic massage units that also help to improve circulation and the lymphatic system.

These products work easily within your routines and ensure that your training and competing are not hampered by extended tiring warm-ups, cutting down on unnecessary wear and tear on the horse. The added flexibility with Activo-Med products is that you can take them with you to competitions, so horses can benefit from their uses in between classes for maximum performance.

Only Activo-Med has the modern technology of both pulsed electromagnetic and cyclonic massage therapy inside their products. They are also the most versatile on the market as they are able to run leg wraps, lasers, hoof boots and pads from the same control box.

It’s now easy to buy all Activo-Med products on a monthly payment plan at www.fmbs.co.uk


William Fox-Pitt says: “We have found the hoof boots very useful for helping alleviate the effects of bruising and jarring and the horses seem to get used to the feeling quickly.”

NEW Activo-Med Power Girth


Many performance horses experience muscle tension in the pectoral and abdominal muscles, while others display anxiety when being girthed.  The new Activo-Med Power Girth provides both pulsed electromagnetic and massage to cover these areas that are notoriously hard to treat.  As with the boots and lasers, the girth can operate as a stand-alone system or be used with the rug at the same time.

Hit the Spot

WPF-laserWhen they have issues with tendons, ligaments, bumps, bruises, oedemas, cuts and wounds or even arthritis, Activo Med Laser is the product top riders reach out for. These combined pulsed electromagnetic and laser therapy handhelds can be placed on any area of the horse. The laser cluster offers a powerful combination of 24 infrared and 24 red diodes together with in-built Pulsed Electromagnetic spool. Again the settings are easy to alter, enabling you to use the correct setting for each situation. FMBs are available to advise on how to set up new programmes.

You can now pay monthly at www.fmbs.co.uk

Water treadmill

water-treadmill-w250Hydrotherapy has been proven to help horses and the Activo-Med water treadmill and spa (designed and manufactured by German engineering) are now installed and commissioned at many yards and universities in the UK and worldwide.  Dr Matthias Baumann, qualified FEI vet and Olympic three-day event rider provides professional training and support for all Activo-Med water treadmill clients.  He has over 18 years of experience working with the water treadmills at his German veterinary and rehabilitation centre, so is one of the most experienced professionals in this field.

Pip Wates, owner of the latest rehabilitation centre to install an Activo-Med water treadmill explains how she got involved: “At the start of last season my talented seven-year-old was looking gangly and not as strong as I would like.  I had spent a winter doing hill-work, pole-work, all sorts of work to improve his strength but, as the season began, a couple of runs in he began stumbling behind and dragging his toes. I also had difficulty keeping him straight.  He is a big moving horse, but wasn’t a strong one.

“I wanted a non-invasive solution and researched the Activo-Med water treadmill.  As there was no water treadmill near me, I took a leap of faith and drove my horse to a center three hours away and left him there. After several weeks I noticed his core strength had increased along with his stamina. His had mastered that ability to hold a balanced and secure position and his confidence in that balance eliminated so many little issues I had.

“The confirmation of these improvements soon came from his results, as he won his next event (at BE novice) and completed a full season culminating in a placing at CCI1*.  I returned to the water treadmill for regular ‘top ups’ and decided that I needed to introduce one to the South East area.  I installed mine in November 2012 and now have a regular base of local clients who share my belief that the water treadmill can not only help a horse recover from injury, but it can prevent injury in the first place. I believe it will improve performance and prolong the competitive career of your horse.”

Find your nearest water treadmill for fitness and rehabilitation

For more information on the full range of Active-Med products available from FMBs Therapy Systems visit www.fmbs.co.uk

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