Improving cross-country reaction times with Francis Whittington and Saracen *Promotion*

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    Sian Barton, who events her former racehorse Kama Night at novice level, won the 2016 Saracen Horse Feeds/Horse & Hound Ex Racehorse to Event Horse bursary. She has enjoyed a successful season to date including a double clear at novice and her first sub-30 dressage.

    As part of her bursary, she has a lesson with international event rider and trainer Francis Whittington. Sian wants to work on getting Kama a bit more off the leg and on the ball, improving his reaction times when faced with skinnies, combinations and other fences requiring a quick response to her aids.

    Watch highlights of the training session where Francis gives Sian advice on improving Kama’s reaction to her leg and her balance in the saddle:

    When Kama was last assessed by Lizzie Drury, Saracen’s senior nutritionist, she adjusted his feed to give him more energy and stamina and to help build his topline. Lizzie is pleased with how he is currently looking over his topline, but feels he is still carrying too much belly for a horse that is regularly eventing at novice level.

    Having watched the cross-country session, Lizzie noticed that Kama can be disinclined to move forward off the leg and wonders whether some digestive discomfort could be responsible, which might also be leading to the bloating.

    Listen to Lizzie and Sian discuss how to make the most of Kama’s feed rations for the rest of the eventing season:

    Kama’s Feed Ration

    • 2 to 2.5 kilos of Enduro-Performance split between two feeds.
    • 250 grams of Equi-Jewel
    • A joint supplement
    • Nine kilos of haylage as before

    Sian believes she has benefitted hugely from winning the 2016 Saracen Horse Feeds/Horse & Hound Ex Racehorse to Event Horse bursary.

    “It’s been fantastic. The whole package – the tuition and the nutritional support. I feel that both Kama and I have benefitted a lot,” says Sian.

    For an individual feeding plan for your horse from the Saracen Nutrition team – click here and complete the Feed Advice Form

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