Are you looking for the perfect Horseware rug for your horse? Then is the place to go. The website carries every rug and accessory for the Rambo, Rhino, Amigo and Mio ranges.

HorseRugs4U’s marketing manager Dean Williams said: “This year Horseware has an even larger range than last year. As usual, HorseRugs4U have included every combination of rug, including heavy, medium and lightweights and every size from the smallest pony to the largest horse.”

Dean pointed out that the company is keeping its prices as competitive as possible to meet customer expectation during the recession.

“It should be hard to beat HorseRugs4U prices,” he says. “More emphasis has been put on customer care and a quicker service can be expected this winter.”

Below are some of the rugs you can find on the site:

Rambo models

Rambo Optimo turnout, with articulated pivotal dart system
Rambo Duo turnout, 2 in 1, popular rug with liner system
Rambo Supreme with NEW vari-layer system
Rambo Supreme, traditional model
Rambo Plus with seamless neck design and vari-layer
Rambo Wug with half neck to eliminate wither pressure with NEW vari-layer
Rambo Wug, traditional model
Rambo Original with leg arches
Rambo Original traditional model
Rambo Stable Plus NEW with vari-layer
Rambo Optimo Stable rug to match the turnout
Rambo Stable Rug 400g for the most warmth
Rambo Stable Rug 200g suitable for mid-season
Rambo Newmarket Stable Rug

Rhino models

Stronger and tougher is the manufacturer’s motto.

Rhino Plus with removable hood
Rhino Pony Plus with Sure-fit neck design
Rhino Wug with high cut neck design
Rhino Original, traditional model
Rhino Stable Plus with sure fit neck design
Rhino Stable Original heavyweight for cold conditions

Amigo models

Amigo Bravo 12 Plus, 1200 denier outer, with detachable hood
Amigo Bravo 12 One Piece, NEW model with fixed neck
Amigo Bravo 12 Original
Amigo Bravo 12 Wug NEW high cut neck design
Amigo Insulator 550g stable rug for superior warmth
Amigo One Piece Insulator, full neck version
Amigo Insulator with or without hood
Amigo Hero 6 Plus 600 denier outer model, NOW includes pony sizes
Amigo Hero 6 One Piece, with fixed neck
Amigo Hero 6 Original, includes Pony sizes
Amigo Bravo XL Original, designed for the larger build of horse
Amigo XL Insulator matches the turnout
Amigo Stock Horse turnout designed to suit the ranch or stock horse, replaces the quarter horse model
Amigo Foal rug with expandable sizing

Mio models

Mio One Piece with detachable hood
Mio Turnout for those looking for a budget rug
Mio Stable Rug an economy stable rug

Trotter models

Horseware Trot designed for the unique shape of the trotting horse


Rambo Optimo liner
Horseware liner
Horseware fleece liner


Underblanket and Underblanket Plus with full neck

All available from