Deadly Riders, new Equestrian Nemesis novel by Bridget Beresford [Promotion]

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About the author

Bridget Beresford lived in France for a time where she was heavily involved in the horse world. On returning to England set up her own yard in Devon where she bred and broke in horses. She also evented and rode in point-to-point races. Now living in East Sussex, she is a listed British dressage judge and judges regularly at horse trials. She is also an equine iridologist.  Bridget Beresford also wrote Home By Christmas, which tells the story of a cavalry officer at the start of World War I, and Lions Guard the Way, which takes the same British cavalrymen to British East Africa in 1915.  Both the WWI books were written with the help of Richard Waygood MBE, chef d’équipe to the British dressage team, the international two-star eventing team and ex-riding master of the Household Cavalry.

Equestrian Nemesis series

Bolted is the first book in the Equestrian Nemesis series. It tells the story of a young widow Maddy Richards who, to cope with her bereavement, has turned her small farm into livery stables. Whilst losing herself through hard and absorbing work with horses, she comes to terms with her grief.   However, her life is thrown into chaos when her friend Tamsin is killed in a freak riding accident. Maddy, without thinking of the danger to herself and her horses, vows to find out how and why her friend died.  In spite of the subsequent turmoil and threats to her own life, she unexpectedly falls in love.

Available in Kindle version and in paperback.

Deadly Riders is the second book in the Equestrian Nemesis series by Bridget Beresford. Daisy is a possible for the under-18 international eventing team, however, her mare is unexpectedly found to be lame. Daisy’s place in the team is now out of the question. Her mother, Alice, is beside herself with self-blame, but Maddy Coulson, who is Alice’s friend and also Daisy’s trainer, becomes suspicious. The lameness was no accident. Daisy is offered another horse to ride and she is accepted into the British team once more. Unfortunately her new horse is also attacked. Maddy manages to set a trap for the culprits by using the social media site Equigoss. This tactic works, but results in some dangerous repercussions. Throughout the stress of the ongoing events, Alice falls in love.  However, is the subject of her affections married and if so, where is his wife?

Available in Kindle version and in paperback.

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